California Cannabis Industry Packaging Reviews

A lab tests your cannabis. What about your packaging?

Ensuring your cannabis labels are compliant with California’s evolving laws is challenging. With three regulating state bodies and the FDA and Fair Packaging and Labeling act, designing and reviewing marijuana packaging can feel overwhelming.

The risk of going to retail with labeling errors is steep.

Noncompliance is expensive. The best case is that you discover it early and relabel. The worst case is recalling and destroying product. Inkbrite will help you proceed with confidence by evaluating your labels against the standards.

Submit your packaging for a compliance review

Your packaging label will be reviewed against our inkbrite checklists, which are informed by the following standards:

  • California Business & Professions Code: §26120 Labeling Requirements
  • Manufactured Cannabis Safety Bureau: §40404 – §40409 Labeling Requirements
  • Bureau of Cannabis Control: §5406 Labeling requirements
  • CalCannabis: §8212 Labeling of Cannabis
  • National Institutes of Standards and Technology: Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulations (NIST Handbook 130)

About Inkbrite

Inkbrite simplifies your packaging design and sourcing experience to give you more time and money to focus on what you do best: creating high-quality cannabis products with heart and integrity.