Why packaging is an important aspect of your cannabis marketing strategy

Why packaging is an important aspect of your cannabis marketing strategy

If you aren’t putting thought into your packaging design, you should be. The design of your packaged product is an integral part of your cannabis marketing strategy.

7 in 10 consumers say that packaging affects their purchasing decisions. Since your packaging design is the first thing a potential customer sees, you need to make a good impression.

Even if the product itself is of the best quality, it’s still hidden behind the packaging until people open it. Let’s address some of the problems that affect packaging in the cannabis industry, as well as how packaging directly impacts your marketing strategy.



Restrictions on packaging in the cannabis industry

Compared to other industries, there are more barriers that cannabis companies face when it comes to packaging design. The regulating bodies and even the physical layout of dispensaries and shops will affect the buyer’s experience.

As a result, your cannabis marketing strategy must adapt with effective, compliant packaging if you want to compete in a growing market.

Safety laws

In the United States, it’s expected that your cannabis product is child-resistant. While safety laws keep children safe, this unfortunately makes using cannabis products more difficult for the senior population. Finding the right balance of safety and accessibility can be tricky.

There have also been instances where logos are deemed too “fun,” and thus unacceptable because it can make cannabis attractive to those under 21. One cannabis retailer in Maine was fined for using a mermaid on its packaging

Legal requirements

Cannabis has plenty of regulations. You’ll need to specify the amounts of THC and CBD, among other pieces of information, on your packaging. Health warnings are also often required to be listed.

Stocking and display limitations 

Cannabis products are often stocked behind glass cases or on shelves behind a counter. This physical barrier means your product has to work twice as hard to stand out. As a result, visual design is crucial in making an impression or catching the eye of customers.

Another issue is the amount you are legally allowed to sell. Many places limit the quantities in the packaging and bulk is far from an option. 

Staff opinions

Budtenders and shop owners are an important ally. Customers may have questions or ask for advice, either in-store or online. You need to ensure that sellers have all the information they need about your product to give the best help to potential buyers. 

Using cannabis packaging to improve your marketing strategy

When it comes to creating the right cannabis packaging, there are many factors to consider, including safety, colors, logo, and material, just to name a few. 

Getting your packaging right is arguably the first step in crafting an ideal customer journey, and this no doubt has an impact on sales and the effectiveness of your cannabis marketing strategy.

Here are a few things to consider and how they’ll help you market your cannabis brand.

Stand out visually to grab attention

One way to do this is through color, which has been studied for decades. The four most eye-catching colors that pique our interest subconsciously are red, yellow, green, and pink.

There are plenty of other things to consider, like how black can be considered more expensive, or that brown is seen as being natural. Thinking about your customer profile to guide your decisions about color.

Address sustainability to attract like-minded buyers

More and more businesses are thinking about ways to incorporate sustainable business practices, and this includes packaging. 

In fact, 66% of people will pay more if a product is environmentally friendly. Millennials are also a key reason that brands are embracing sustainability. If you’re aiming to attract that market, then your packaging needs to speak to them. 

Use strong messaging to build credibility

Not only are the logo and colors important, but the messaging on your cannabis packaging is too. For example, some brands choose to include details about the terpene profile of their cannabis plants, which is a great way to stand out among the other brands. 

Another reason to craft compelling messaging? It’s a way to speak directly to customers. Perfecting your brand’s voice builds brand recognition and creates a stronger relationship with buyers.

Speak to your customers through packaging

With new cannabis brands popping up left and right, there’s an ongoing battle for consumer attention. Like any other product that comes packaged, shoppers will look at your cannabis packaging design – often their first touchpoint – and in seconds could decide to look elsewhere if it doesn’t speak to them.

This blog post is a guest contribution from Seth Richtsmeier, Associate Director of SEO, Cannabis Creative Group

Cannabis Creative is a full-service cannabis marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses gain the digital edge to elevate their brand online. Reach your target audience and increase sales through performance-based cannabis, hemp, and CBD marketing campaigns.

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