We made the internet’s “ugliest pantone color” cool again.

We made the internet’s “ugliest pantone color” cool again.

There is no such thing as an ugly color. 

Or at least that’s what we said when we decided to take on the challenge of designing a cannabis packaging concept around the internet’s most repulsive Pantone color.

Meet Pantone #448c. It’s officially described as a “Drab Dark Brown” known as “Opaque Couche”. Some might call it poop colored. For others, it reminds them of the time they threw up their Aunt Mary’s split pea soup. 

When we look at pantone #448c, we see potential. Sugary sweet potential, to be exact.

Our Inspiration

If we take on a challenge, we go all in. 

We won’t gently sprinkle 448c in the corner and call it done. We are going to own it (our ugliness?) with a loud vibrant design that says, “we’re unique and we are proud!”. 

We decided a hemp CBD topical was the right product concept.

To give Pantone 448c the loud welcome it deserves, we whipped it into a delicious theme and paired it with nearly-neon friends and a bold playful type. 





Internet's ugliest pantone color packaging design


What do you think? Did we manage to make the internet’s ugliest Pantone color appealing (comment below please)?

Final thoughts:

  1. Every color deserves a chance to shine
  2. Give us a turd, and we will polish it into something stylish

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