Selecting the perfect green for your cannabis brand

Selecting the perfect green for your cannabis brand

The color green and cannabis go together like cheese and macaroni. 

Green gives you a restful feeling, and conveys nature, balance, and trust. It also signals environmentally-friendly. Based on color psychology, “if you’re looking to portray health, rest, and to relieve stress, green is your color.”

We LOVE green. But it is also overused in cannabis branding, causing green packaging to blend in at retail.

We encourage you to look beyond greens to create a fresh brand. But if you do go green (there are so many reasons to want to do so, one of which is that consumers tend to expect it), we’ve put together some inspiration to help you select a shade and color pairings.

Pair a bright lime green with a more muted one for a refreshing and friendly design, like Design Womb created for Vrai.

Take inspiration from Lemonade. Instead of a printed graphic, try a green glass jar for your cannabis flower.

Create a strong reference to the plant, like Green House did with forest green illustrations on a crisp white.

Stand out in the crowd with a unique shade of green, like the seafoam green the Miller agency used for Zentei

Introduce green via illustrations like this Kona bar design by Martis Lupus.

Try a gradient like Aroma. It's also super on-trend for 2020.

Break through the clutter with a surprising on-shelf element, like the Plasinia skincare boxes combining to form a larger scene.

Go Minimal like Studio Makgill did for 360me.



Here are shades of green you can play with. Don’t be afraid to put multiple shades together to create an interesting pairing.

Sidenote, when I first met my husband he wore so much green that my friends took to affectionately referring to him as, “all shades of green”. That nickname stuck for years.

Good luck and have fun inventing your brand color palette! We’re here to help, if you’d like it.


Laurie from Inkbrite

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