Press Release: Inkbrite Develops Cannabis Packaging Platform

Press Release: Inkbrite Develops Cannabis Packaging Platform

Easy-to-Create, Impactful, Compliant Cannabis Packaging

Oakland CA, March 1, 2021: Today Inkbrite announced the development of easy-to-use and affordable software, available at, to create custom branded packaging for independent cannabis growers. At launch, Inkbrite's platform supports California growers and manufacturers and will expand from there. This milestone is a major move for Inkbrite towards its mission to make it easy for brands to create compliant packaging.

“While tagging along with a friend at a cannabis conference I got swept up in the excitement. I thought, ‘I can bring my skills to cannabis, and invent cooler packaging!’ says Laurie Peterson, CEO and Founder at Inkbrite. “It turns out the needs for cannabis packaging are more complicated than I thought. I heard of a pre-roll brand who threw out $30k in non-compliant packaging, a distributor's warehouse log jammed by packaging that had to be relabeled, and a large edibles brand who described navigating packaging regulations as, ‘a total nightmare’. We realized we needed to solve the compliance headache.”

Marya and Laurie from Inkbrite

Inkbrite Co-founders Laurie Peterson (left) and Marya Gomez (right)

Cannabis packaging is tricky. Each state has its own nuanced label requirements, leading to costly mistakes that require relabeling, recalling and destroying, and even lawsuits. “There are three cannabis regulating bodies in California alone. Our platform is embedded with regulatory intelligence that takes away the brand’s needs to learn individual regulations per state, which change regularly. We handle the complex details of your labeling so that you can focus on what you do best: crafting top-tier cannabis with integrity.” says Marya Gomez, Co-Founder and Head of Compliance at Inkbrite. Marya sits on the Packaging and Labelling committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association.

While the larger cannabis companies have in-house compliance experts, the majority of the industry is filled with emerging brands who can’t afford hiring for this complicated task. Inkbrite wants to be accessible to the craft brands who are the heart and soul of this industry. Therefore, they have also made it affordable: design is free to get started and you don’t pay until you are completely satisfied and ready to order. For one inclusive per-unit price, Inkbrite handles packaging design, sourcing and compliance, eliminating the need for brands to work with multiple vendors. With Inkbrite's online customization platform, a process that normally takes months is now available in minutes.

To learn more about Inkbrite, click here.

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About Inkbrite: Inkbrite makes creating compliant cannabis packaging simple and affordable with designs that are impactful, unique and on-brand. For one inclusive per-unit price, Inkbrite handles your packaging design, sourcing, and compliance in a fraction of the time and cost versus using multiple vendors. Need a logo? Inkbrite can do it. High quality, child-resistant containers? No problem. Endless branding opportunities? Inkbrite can handle it.  And pay only when your designs are ready to order. Inkbrite’s platform allows indie brands to focus on what they do best: creating high-quality craft cannabis products with heart and integrity. Not convinced? Create a design at

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