Inkbrite lands deal to distribute premium tins by Kacepack

Inkbrite lands deal to distribute premium tins by Kacepack

We checked out more than fifty packaging booths at MJ Bizcon, looking for packaging partners. The line I got most excited about was from Kacepack.

  • Their certified child-resistant tins make pre-roll packaging sleek and impactful
  • The squeeze and slide CR mechanism is elegant, effective yet easy to use
  • The inserts that hold pre-rolls in place are convenient to pack and prevent the product from getting damaged in transit
  • Flat tops and bottoms of these tins leave plenty of space for branding

These tins are a step up from the plastic pop tops folks are using for single prerolls, and are much more convenient for your co-packer than having to assemble a cardboard box for your multi-packs. Consumers love that they are made from metal, and are pocketable and reusable. They see them as a major value add when purchasing prerolls.

After Kacepack showed in Vegas, I wasn’t surprised to see major brands work with them, and sliding tins start to become a recognizable form factor in the pre-roll category for premium lines.

The problem was, smaller independent brands were being been left out, unable to command the minimum quantities required to order custom runs overseas. That’s something we aimed to fix. And Kacepack agreed.

Single tin for prerolls

We’re proud to announce we inked a distribution deal for this premium packaging line!

Inkbrite has in-stock inventory of the tins (here in Oakland CA for a fast turnaround)—both the single tins for a pre-roll up to a gram, and a multipack featuring four half gram rolls.

We’ll customize them for your brand via applied labels on the top and bottom. We’ll also pre-assemble the insert for you. The only thing you will need to do is add cannabis. 🙂

Start a project with us to explore how your cannabis flower brand will look on these premium tins. We’ll provide the label design and compliance review, and you won’t pay until you love it and are ready to order. 

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