I interviewed our Creative Director and discovered an animal filled world beyond Adobe Creative Cloud

I interviewed our Creative Director and discovered an animal filled world beyond Adobe Creative Cloud

Hi. I’m Natasha.


natasha @ inkbrite . com


What I do

I guide and inspire the visual direction for InkBrite, both internally and for our cannabis clients.


Recent Project

Right now, I am working on package designs for single infused pre-rolls.

Cannabis packaging features a host of interesting hurdles. Perhaps the most challenging aspect is fitting all of the compliance warnings and text required by the state of California in a visually pleasing way. Toss in the fact that the packaging also needs to be child-resistant, reasonably affordable, and oh, by the way, it should be environmentally responsible too – well heck, that’s a lot of things to require of a tiny package!

Single pre-rolls are difficult enough, but when it comes to infused pre-rolls there are additional requirements such as including the instructions and ingredients. It’s burned way more brainpower and creative thinking than I typically expend on package design. It’s like an intricate puzzle I need to solve. I’m continually exploring different ways to address the challenges and make impactful packaging.

I know many of you are working through similar headaches creating packaging for your cannabis company. I’m happy that InkBrite is now available to do the heavy lifting for you! Reach out to explore how we can partner to accelerate your cannabis brand.


My Product Stack

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Slack
  • Zoho Projects
  • Google Suite
  • Microsoft One-Note
  • Bullet Journal – As much as I love my digital tools, I’m someone who derives great pleasure from the physical act of crossing out a task. I keep a daily bullet journal where I prioritize and schedule my tasks for that day.


Packaging that delights me

I love the new Camino edible gummies packaging from Kiva. The designs are highly attractive and pleasing, and the new metal tin design adds to this experience. I definitely won’t be throwing these out!

The Kiva team has also been very supportive of Inkbrite. Bonus points for being nice people!


When I am not working

Hiking, Biking, Horseback riding, traveling, and volunteering for animal welfare and mental health-focused organizations.


Organizations I support

  • Hope for Horses, a transition center that saves at-risk horses and educates the local community on horsemanship to create more homes for horses.
  • Windows to My Soul, an equine-assisted therapy ranch that helps veterans, survivors of domestic abuse, first responders, families, and others suffering from the negative impacts of trauma in their life.


Surprising fact about me

I’m a #nerdgirl at heart. I grew up loving sci-fi and fantasy (before it was cool). Now I enjoy my Nintendo Switch – Legend of Zelda, Harvest Moon, and I’m currently trying out the new quarantine obsession – Animal Crossing.


A childhood accomplishment I am proud of

Is highschool still childhood? If yes, my senior year, I was President of the LEO Club, a volunteer organization sponsored by the LION’s club (there may have been FREE pizza lunch meetings).



Why I joined Inkbrite

I’m fascinated by the fast-paced, ever-evolving nature of the industry and the opportunity to shape the future of cannabis. 

Additionally, the CEO is a bitchin’ Boss Babe who will undoubtedly be a thought leader in the developing cannabis industry. Her energy and passion attract talent, and I’m excited to see where InkBrite goes with her leadership.

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