Can I show my cannabis net weight as a fraction?

Can I show my cannabis net weight as a fraction?

In an industry with a legacy of selling cannabis in "eighths" (1/8 oz increments), why do the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) packaging examples show only weights as decimal numbers? Is it OK to display net weight with a fraction?

With Inkbrite's goal of making it simple for brands to build compliant cannabis packaging, this was an essential question for us to resolve. Showing the net weight as .125 oz isn't as informative to consumers as 1/8 ounces. 

The national standard for packaging (Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulations, section 6.11) allows for common fractions in net weight statements, and we commonly see them used on products. Unfortunately, CDPH examples only used decimal notation in the net weight. 

We reached out to CDPH to ask about this. Their response was "regulations do not prohibit fractional representation of weights". We're delighted to hear this - it's the term that holds the most meaning to customers. 

Long live eighths of weed!



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