5 Defining Leadership Principles that make Inkbrite tick

5 Defining Leadership Principles that make Inkbrite tick

At Inkbrite, we approach our company culture with intention and lead according to our values. We have five Defining Principles that guide our decision making and behavior: Customer Mania, Be Bold, Resilient Learners, Bias for Action, and Beyond Ourselves.

1) Customer Mania
We start with the customer and work backwards. We work earnestly to earn and keep customer trust.

2) Be Bold
We aim to set the standard and transform an emerging industry. This isn’t going to happen by following the pack. We question the status quo and develop inventive products and services.

3) Resilient Learners
Our path forward won’t always be obvious or easy but we tackle challenges with curiosity and a can-do attitude. We value lessons learned in addition to success. We welcome feedback. We don’t shy away from operating outside our comfort zone.

4) Bias for Action
Perfect is the enemy of good. We are precise when it comes to compliance. Beyond that, we value calculated risk taking and “getting it done”.

5) Beyond Ourselves
We place our customers and our mission before our individual ambitions. We pitch in wherever needed and collaborate across roles and organizations in pursuit of our greater purpose. We act ethically and responsibly. 


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